My Story

I’m an Existential Counselling Psychologist in training and an experienced International Life Coaching Professional since 2011. I offer in person and online session, for individuals and couples, facilitating self-exploration and growth within a safe environment.

I was born in Israel, lived in Germany for many years, and now live in London, UK . I hold a Master’s degree in Organizational Behaviour, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and currently working towards a doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy and and Counselling Psychology. I’m a certified Life Coach since 2011 by the Adlerian Coaching School, an ICF (International Coach Federation) licensed coach and also a certified Relationship and Couple’s Coach.

Over 20 years of experience in Human Resources roles in American, German and Israeli companies have prepared me to support my clients with career coaching, finding purpose and vocational calling and achieving professional goals.

After taking that leap forward myself, I now specialize in accompanying expats  through the immigration process to a new country, helping them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals by coping with any issues that may arise in the process.

I support international and relocated couples to overcome challenges, learn effective ways to communicate and create the relationship they deserve to enjoy. I am a qualified couples coach since 2011, and have worked with many couples as well as run couples workshops.

How I can support you

What is coaching?

Till the late 80’s, people who had challenges in life went to see either a psychologist or a professional consultant to help them deal with specific problems, such as low self-esteem, finding a job, improving a relationship or dealing with change.


After a while, people realized they prefer not to be treated as “patients” with a “condition”, going through a long deep therapy analyzing their past. Their lives were just a bit out of balance. They needed a short focused support, focusing on their future and enabling them to live a fuller life.

Career Coaching Session

Achieve more of your personal and professional goals and create a focused job search strategy

Business Coaching Session

The future growth and success of your organization is intricately linked with the development of your management.

Life Coaching

Adlerian Life Coaching helps you connect to your strengths and resources, to achieve fulfillment, make authentic choices that will motivate and create movement in your life to gain results in any field of life.

Relationship Coaching

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot have full control over the situations in which we find ourselves, nor change the other people in our lives, we CAN take control of how we respond to certain situations.

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How the process works

Getting to know you

In our complimentary introductory meeting, we will understand more about coaching and the coaching process. We consider your needs and goals, and create a coaching plan that will best support your needs to reach your goals.

In-depth analysis

In the beginning of the process, we clarify your values, vision and goals. Then we break down the big objectives into manageable smaller milestones along the way. Once we assess the current situation in comparison with your goals, we identify your strengths and resources, explore various options and create action plans

Step by step

Keeping motivation and commitment is not always easy when venturing outside of our comfort zone. Challenging you with powerful questions can increase awareness to limiting beliefs and habits, broaden your perspective of situations and relationships in your life. Through reflective and active assignments between sessions you stay accountable and proactive towards reaching your goals. Together we overcome obstacles and fears on the way to achieve balance, satisfaction and joy

Maintaining Your Successes

At the end of the process, we recognize and acknowledge your successes and goals achieved, which empowers you and increases your confidence and motivation to continue and stay focused and balanced. The tools you have acquired in the coaching process will enable you to maintain your new state of mind long after we finalize the process, so you're able to keep up your achievements and generate more accomplishments in the future.

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