How I can support you

What is coaching?


Till the late 80’s, people who had challenges in life went to see either a psychologist or a professional consultant to help them deal with specific problems, such as low self-esteem, finding a job, improving a relationship or dealing with change.


After a while, people realized they prefer not to be treated as “patients” with a “condition”, going through a long deep therapy analyzing their past. Their lives were just a bit out of balance. They needed a short focused support, focusing on their future and enabling them to live a fuller life.


Today, Life Coaching is the largest growing industry in the world, with over 50,000 coaches in the world, generating about $2 billion (USD) in annual revenue (according to ICF study, 2016)


Coaching focuses on one’s strengths and resources, on what one has, instead of on what is missing or wrong. Coaching is focused on gaining results quickly by raising awareness, accountability, clarity and motivation.


The Adlerian coaching is based on the principles of Alfred Adler’s individual psychology and positive psychology. Adlerian Coaching applies the central principles of the method, such as equality, choice, subjectivity, purpose, belonging and social interest. The role of the Adlerian coach is to help the client connect to his internal resources and to make authentic choices that will drive him/her to action and results. The coaching focuses on the present and the creation of a reality that will help in realizing the desired future.

Career Coaching Session

Achieve more of your personal and professional goals and create a focused job search strategy

Business Coaching Session

The future growth and success of your organization is intricately linked with the development of your management.

Life Coaching

Adlerian Life Coaching helps you connect to your strengths and resources, to achieve fulfillment, make authentic choices that will motivate and create movement in your life to gain results in any field of life.

Relationship Coaching and Couples Counselling

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot have full control over the situations in which we find ourselves, nor change the other people in our lives, we CAN take control of how we respond to certain situations.