Business Coaching Session

Maximize effectiveness in an international environment


What is Business Coaching?

Help your current and future leaders to:

  • Identify their strengths and challenges
  • Unlock their potential and improve performance
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve time management
  • Enhance effective communication and improve relationships in teams
  • Develop a strategy and create action plans
  • Enable time and space for reflection
  • Develop leadership skills and practices
  • Experience greater work/life balance
  • Increase motivation and wellbeing
  • Bridge cultural differences


How coaching can benefit your organization?


The future growth and success of your organization is intricately linked with the development of your management. As such, a highly productive individual contributes greatly to the success of your team and your organization’s performance.


During the relocation and integration process in a new country, with a new job, new language, new people, new culture – many challenges might arise.

Alongside relocation logistics support, professional Coaching can help you to:

  • Make the most of the new assignment
  • Understand the German culture and etiquette in the workplace in-depth
  • Reach a Work-Life Balance
  • Re-gain control
  • Improve relationships in family and work environments

I provide relocation support for international workforce in German companies and help expats to adapt to a new culture and work environment. I also coach German employees, focusing on improving their professional skills in an international environment, to reduce stress level and maximize effectiveness.

*I also offer lectures and workshops – contact me find out more!